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War of the world

mercredi 30 avril 2014
par  Les professeurs d’anglais

This was terrifying, London was totally destroyed. Lots of peoplewere already dead and I didn’t know if I was alive, because I wandered in the streets of London and walked over the corpes in an immense despair.
Suddenly, I saw an horrible thing in front of me behind the rest of one houe, I didn’t know what it was when I realized it was a monster with big tentacles with a contorted shape. Terro seized me, I would die and end it ! I had seen to much horror for one life, and I didn’t live more time. I would save myself this horror ! But, for the moment, I couldn’t because I saw a woman in a street and she called me, because an horrible monster was eating her child and she was scared. I jumped to savethem and I picked up a fragment of rubble, to killthe monster. I was scared, I shook, the monster was horrible with his 3 eyes and his ten little tentacles ! I tried not to look at monster beacause I would kill this horrible thing and help the woman ! But when I wanted to hit the monster, he had disappeared in a pitchy black smoke. Unfortunetly, the children had lost his two arm and a piece of his right leg. I would have liked to save the child, but the monster, this sodding monster had torn to shreds his body and the blood flowed in abundance. The woman cried over her child. I saw, that itwas overr. I was montionless, I would die. Shit ! I cried the loudest I could, I would die, I would have everybody hearing me ! The woman, all things, all peoplewere spectrally for me. I was totally montionless, I thought. I could save the woman have that I hadn’t save her child. I could ! That was possible for us ! The last luck. I took her hand,the woman watched me. I couldn’t bring myself to let the monsterkill this woman. We ran on London’s road, we ran so fast, as fast as we could. I saw a building. It wasn’t destroyed, that was our luck ! We climbed the stairs to the end. We opened the trapdoor to go on the roof of the building. Recklessly, we climbed on the roof. That was very high. Toweringup to the fading stars, lots of black birds were circling in silence. The woman gripped my hand, that was the signal. We ran, our eyes closed and we jumped into the void. A rapid end.










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