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The Sequel...

mercredi 30 avril 2014

[...] I ran to the Titan ,lots of persos were dead around me and the city was destroyed. The nearer I got, the clearer it became, the thing really was a Martian. The tripod advanced towards me, it arrived in front of me...
My imagination was playing tricks on me, I thought I was crazy !! That was not possible, the situation was not real, eventually I hoped... Terror seized me,I could not bring myself to die.
Everywhere there was blood and black birds, I could see blood all around me. I had never been so scared, I panicked The Martian could not see me, I held my breath as the ruined houses were destroyed. In the city, there was nothing I could hide in, all was destroyed or in fire...
When a leser gun hit my temple, I was really afraid. My heart was filled every second with stress... I heard the tigger which the alien pressed with the tentacule of the Titan.I knew, I would die,but I didn’t know when...
Suddenly, an empty feeling came over me, the beating of my hert slowed. I was dying, slowly but I knew, I was die. I saw my blood on the floor at the end.









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